MacFarlake's Dreamworld


Through the years, MacFarlake made hundreds of songs; covers as well as own (instrumental) songs. Below you'll find some of his home recorded albums ans his works on Spotify. His works will also released on Deezer, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Audiomack, Claro Musica, Apple music and many more.

MacFarlake on Spotify

Escape From Reality

The album, recorded in 1996.

The Final Premiere

The second album recorded in 1998

Welcome to my Kingdom

The latest album with Classic Rock Hits

Welcome to my Kingdom

A nice album with Just Got Paid / Dazed & Confused as highlight

MacF Project

Another side of my music is Ambient. I love to work with synths, soundscapes and samples. So I release also music under MacF Project. I find my inspiration in music of (for example) David Helpling, David Darling, but I also do often listen tot "Drone Zone", a channel on Soma FM. One of my songs started with the recording of the outrance and entrance of passengers at the metro station at Baker Street in London. After my journey I listened to the recording and took my guitar to start "somthing". In the end it reflected all my thoughts when I was sitting there with my recorder next to me.

MacF Project on Spotify