Morley BPA 25/50 Bigfoot

It you ever thought that it’s impossible to integrate a complete amp in a stompbox. Well Morley did it in the late 70s: Morley BPA 25/50 Bigfoot. An amplifier with a power of 40 watts.
On the left side you will find the volume, treble and bass knob.
The foot switch is the master volume that responds fairly accurately.
Left of the footswitch you find the treble booster. Right is the bass booster built.

You plug on the right side of your guitar. You can also find the output where you speaker (cabinet) on can aanlsuiten directly. Furthermore, the pedal also an output to plug. Directly into a mixer

In the past, I even have my headphones connected to it.
If the amplifier is too warm for a longer period of time, then there will be a light bulb as a warning.

A wonderful piece of nostalgia, I’ve found after years of searching again back.