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JamUp XT Review

JamUp XT Review

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Hallo guitar fans. This month I am presenting JamUp XT Pro iOS app developed by Positive Grid. This is not only one of the best guitar amp simulators out there in my own opinion, it is much more than that.








JamUp XT review by Daddo Oreskovich


Some time ago, with the appearance of the first iOS apps for guitarists, iPad, iPod, or iPhone were merely a tool for great practice, warm-up or hotel room jam. Android is still not even close to iOS because of its latency issue.

I remember almost two years ago when I bought my iRig audio interface. I downloaded free AmpliTube app and I was amazed with an opportunity to practice virtually anywhere without harassing my neighbors with Progressive Metal and Rock music by turning my amp and the full gear on 🙂 The sounds were decent and the app served its purpose -> to be used as a practice tool.

jamup xt pro


After I found out about JamUp, honestly, I thought this is just one of the many variations of the same thing. I was so wrong 🙂 It is not only the perfect practice tool, it is truly every guitarist’s “Swiss army knife” app. All magazines like: MacWorld, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Guitarist and Premier Guitar were reviewing the app with high appraisals, introducing the best seen symbiosis of Apple iOS and actual musical instrument.

What is JamUp? It is guitar amp and FX simulator, multi track recording device, loop/phrase sampler, guitar tuner and professional backing track player with tempo and pitch tweak possibility. What makes possible using this app live is ability of pairing with a third party MIDI controller pedals.

Amp simulators

jamup xt pro

Virtually almost every amp is emulated here; Fender, Marshall, Messa Boogie, Orange, Peavy, Laney are just to name a few. Regardless of what version of JamUp you downloaded (free or pro version), all additional amps and stomp boxes can be obtained through the “in app purchase”. There are 3 categories of amps: acoustic, electric and bass guitar amps.


Stomp boxes

jamup xt pro

There are 6 stomp box groups in JamUp:

  • nosie gate FX
  • modulation FX (chorus, flanger, wah, phaser…)
  • reverb FX
  • delay FX
  • EQ
  • Compression and overdrive/distortion group

All effects and amps can be moved in the signal chain order. For example, you can drag the Tube Screamer stomp to be the first in the signal chain, Noise Gate on the last spot, etc… like the “real-world” pedalboard. All parameters are very easy and straightforward. Just use your imagination and tailor to your taste. All settings can be configured as a “patch”. There are 4×16 patch slots including factory presets. Each slot and patch name can be renamed of course.


Jam Player

jamup xt pro

Jam player is professional grade audio file player. You can import your favorite guitar backing tracks and regulate their tempo and speed. This comes very handy if you have string lock on your guitar and the backing track is half step down for instance. Just raise the pitch parameter half step up to “1 o’clock”  and you can jam without retuning your instrument. Very cool. This is also great aid for singers. Not every male singer has a vocal range of David Coverdale or Bruce Dickinson, so backing track pitch comes very handy -> great karaoke player as well 🙂

If you are “one-man-band “, it is great to control both your guitar sound and backing track in the same app, without a need for a separate CD/Karaoke player. Both volumes (guitar and backing track) are controlled separately.


Phrase sampler

jamup xt pro

Let’s say you are on a guitar clinic or you have your guitar solo section on the gig. You can record and loop a phrase, and then play over it. You can also load a drum loop from your iPod library and jam with it and also save it for later exploit. Loop and instrument levels are controlled separately.


8-track recorder

jamup xt pro

One of the best tools in JamUp. I use it frequently when filming lessons for Live4guitar. I record video on the HD camcorder, I play backing track on iPad and record live guitar track on iPad. This eliminates dragging the computer to the best spot in my apartment for video recording.

Lets say you have your ProTools or any DAW session. You can export each track and the drums stem, and import into 8-track recorder for better control. You can also copy audio file from another app such as Garage Band as well. You can also record your guitar or bass in another app on the same iDevice using “Audio Bus” app. I briefly explain it how in the review video.

Many, many possibilities and options. This is why I claim JamUp to be the “Swiss Army Knife” music app.

Tone/Patch sharing

jamup xt pro

This is one of the unique features in JamUp. You can share your patches on-line with JamUp community. People can like or comment your patch.

I am truly honored to be chosen by Positive Grid as their featured artist. You can download and jam with my signature “Preset Pack“. More about my Preset Pack in this video:



Using JamUp live

jamup xt pro - controler

There are vast possibilities of connecting your guitar to JamUp and your iDevice to your pedal board. I am using Griffin pedal controller with JamUp. You can configure 4 different stomp switches from the app. This controller also has an expression pedal input, so you can control volume and Cry Baby wah. At the time of this writing, Positive Grid is developing emulation of Digitech Whammy so stay tuned for that one 🙂 There are many different third party external MIDI pedals that can be used with JamUp. For complete list visit 

In the next video, I’m showing my Griffin controller and talking about my hybrid pedalboard in details.



The Verdict

I am giving JamUp 10/10 points. This is universal “guitar Swiss army knife app” for every guitarist and bassist. It can very astoundingly emulate all vintage amps and stomp effects. It can be used for making music, recording and sharing the ideas and patches. It can be used as a source of recording in other apps via “Audio Bus” app, so you can use JamUp sounds in Apple Garage Band for instance. With third party MIDI controllers, it can be used live on stage.

What else one needs? It’s all in there, in iOS app called JamUp XT.

Download free version and see it for yourself. Here is direct iTunes link:


(by Daddo Oreskovich in Reviews | 08. 06. 2013.)

Fata Morgana – Efteling

Fata Morgana – Efteling

I made a song, original composed by Ruud Bos. This song “Fata Morgana” is part of the fairytale theme parc Efteling (The Netherlands). The music is componist by Ruud Bos.
I made this song using the soundsamples of East West Symphonic Orchestra


10 Guitar Plugins You Should Know About!!

Nowadays all of us guitarists get to have a laptop or desktop computer with an interface and make tracks, demos, lessons and other production or educational work using a DAW. Most of us unfortunately aren’t in a position to record a real amplifier in our bedrooms or crank it up as much as needed aiming for the right guitar tone or be able to have a budget in order to have different microphones and try to mix them down and get the most out of our rig. That’s where the hardware and software comes in. This article introduces you the 10 high-end profiled guitar amp simulation plug-ins that you should know about.


1. IK Multimedia – Amplitube 3/Jimi Hendrix/Fender/Metal


IK Multimedia is one of the leading companies in guitar emulation software since 2002 with the release of Amplitube. One of the most famous guitar software around in the market. Amplitube started as small guitar emulation software and through the years developed to being one of the most prestigious and accomplished emulation software. Versions include Amplitube 2, Ampitube 2 live, Amplitube Jimi Hendrix, Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender and the recent release Amplitube 3. Including a vast amount of amps, cabinets, microphones, stompboxes and racks it is easy to use and comes very handy as you can import libraries from any other version of it with the X-Gear plug-in.

Learn more:

Read our full Amplitube 3 review.


2. Native Instrument – Guitar Rig 4


One of the most competitive companies in VST instruments and plug-in business is Native Instruments. Founded in 1996 in Berlin, the German company invaded the guitar world by releasing Guitar Rig in mid 2004. The software was very competent and was the first ever software that introduced the Kontrol – rig, which was a pedal board controlling the software for real time preset changing as a real pedal board / MIDI controller. In 2009 they released their latest Guitar Rig version 4, which is undeniably one of the most used plug-ins.

For more information visit:


3. Digidesign – Eleven

Digidesign is mostly known because of its industry standard recording software Pro Tools and its powerful hardware interfaces and DSP cards. In Pro Tools 7 we were introduced to their step into the guitar amplifier emulating world with the Plug-in “Eleven”. It featured high quality amp and stompboxing emulation and making it easy to work in Pro Tools as an RTAS plugin. After a bit they released its rack version as a studio or live performing hardware.

For more info go to:




4.  Waves – GTR 3


Famously plug-in renowned company “Waves” got in to the guitar world with the release of GTR plug-in in collaboration with PRS Guitars. The latest version of GTR 3 features great sounding, feel and response guitar amp emulation and stompboxes sounds that they can be used in studio and live situations with the addition of the external hardware.

For more information visit:


5. Line6 – Pod Farm


Line6 is exclusively committed to guitar sound since 1996. The leading industry company has in their list Ampifiers, guitars, portable effect and modeling units and pedalboards. After their successful Rack units they released the “Platinum & Golden pugins and Pod Farm” All plugins are working in every DAW and are delivering the “nominated” Line6 sound to your recording studio.

For more info go to:


6. Overloud – TH1


Italian based company “Overloud Audio Tools” released TH1 in 2008. It has 10 amps modeled but you have 18 different microphones that you can place in a 3D environment in order to approach a live studio positioning which makes it flexible and great for experimenting with mixing your guitars on the DAW. The sound is great quality and can meet your expectations.

For more information go to:


7. Studio Devil – Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro


Studio Devil is founded by Marc Gallo who is been dealing with audio signals since 1989. Today the release of Studio Devil Amp Modeler gives him the dedication to guitar FX sound and guitar amp emulation. Newly featured software comes at an affordable and money for value price.

For more information check:




8. Apple inc. – Logic Amp Designer.


Leading and massive corporation, Apple, has its own way getting around the guitar world. After the successful release of their DAW “Logic” we have some guitar amp emulations in Logic 8 and Garage Band. In the latest version of Logic 9 we have the competitive Amp Designer which comes free with the DAW as an AU plugin.Let down is that it doesn’t work as standalone but after working with APOGEE they got some supporting hardware in order to be used live as part of MainStage 2.

For more info see:


9. Cubase 5 Guitar Amp Simulator


Steinberg is a company that is been around for some time now in the music industry. Creating DAW’s and post – pre production software, they are one of the most acclaimed companies around in the business. In their latest release of Cubase 5 we got the Amp Simulator, which is a VST Plug-in that allows you to record your guitar in the DAW with effects and distortion even if you don’t have any 3rd-party plugin. The plug-in is very convenient as it comes with channel presets ready to go based on different styles of music.

For more info read here:



10. Peavey – Revalver MK III


Peavey electronics is one of the oldest companies in the industry supplying musicians with the necessary tools in order to play and perform music. Famous from back in the early Van Halen days wih the creation of the mighty 5150 and later on with Triple XXX, JSX Series, Valveking and many more, Peavey goes digital as well. Revalver MKIII is the only guitar emulation software that between modeling other amps features all of Peavey amplifiers. A great sounding plugin in a value for money price.

For more info check:


Hopefully this article will help you find which of the sound modeling plugins suits you the most and will help you get one of them.